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Body Contouring via Laser Lipo

A few decades ago when liposuction was first introduced to the public, it was seen as a miracle procedure. This was the first time that people were able to lose stubborn deposits of fat that they could not lose with just dieting and exercise alone. The idea of using a surgical procedure to remove unwanted fat was so revolutionary that it took a little bit of time for people to get used to it. Over the next few decades, as more and more people started to use Laser Liposuction, it became a common practice.

Since its first inception, the methods of performing liposuction have only advanced. Laser Lipo is one of the newest and safest adaptations of the liposuction procedure. This is a plastic surgery procedure that uses the energy produced by lasers to address stubborn pockets of fat on your body. While this is not a weight loss program, it does help remove fat and contour your body.

During Laser Liposuction, a laser is inserted into the body and used to break up fat cells. The laser’s energy is transmitted via a thin laser fiber that is inserted into a very small opening in the skin. As these fat cells are heated up, the fatty oils inside of them leak out, and they are suctioned out via a cannula. What is nice about this step of the procedure is that in addition to treating the fat, it also coagulates small blood vessels in the treated area. This minimizes bleeding during the procedure and reduces bruising after the procedure.

The laser is also used on the superficial layer underneath the skin. Here the laser heats up skin cells in the dermis with the goal of encouraging collagen and elastin growth. The collagen and elastin improve the results you get because they make your skin healthier and snap back after the procedure. Individuals who have had Laser Lipo Treatment are so surprised by how positively their skin reacts to the treatment.

Laser lipo is a good option for individuals who have excessive fats in mild or moderate quantities. You should have good skin laxity, and you should be overall healthy. Although this is still a surgical procedure, it is a lot less invasive than traditional liposuction, and the downtime is greatly reduced.

If you’d like to lose pockets of stubborn fat on your body, make an appointment at Finesse Cosmetic Surgery to learn more information about laser lipo. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Waltham.