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Information on Cosmetic Surgery in Boston

If you are thinking of getting a cosmetic procedure done, you probably have countless questions running through your head. The medical professionals at Finesse Cosmetic Surgery have the knowledge and expertise to provide the answers you need! Our team has performed thousands of procedures for the face and body and has more than 40 years of combined experience. Contact us today to speak with a Boston cosmetic surgery professional and get comprehensive answers to any of your questions, such as:

Our team members are friendly, Compassionate, empathetic and trustworthy, and will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable the moment you call us or walk through our doors. We also offer a spa-like atmosphere so that our clients are always relaxed during their consultations and while their procedure is being performed. Rather than selling one procedure or another, our doctors and professionals delineate the advantages and disadvantages of each possible option, allowing each patient to make an informed decision. If your best option happens to involve a treatment or procedure not offered at our practice, you can trust us to inform you of that option and refer you to the physician or practitioner who can provide it. When you come into Finesse for a free initial consultation, you can rest assured that you will have nothing but the best Boston cosmetic surgery professionals at your side.

Recovery Times for Cosmetic Procedures in Boston
The amount of time necessary to recover from cosmetic procedures varies depending on which procedure is performed. Most facial procedures – such as BOTOX® injections, Juvederm® or Radiesse®dermal fillers, non-ablative laser treatments, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels – allow you to return to work immediately after your treatments. Some treatments may require you to take a day or more off to recover from minor discomfort, but that is usually the patient’s choice. These procedures also have short treatment times, making it a possibility for you to have your treatment done without having to take time off. Many body procedures may also allow you to return to work the same day. For example, CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ™ is a treatment that allows you to return to your daily activities right away. LipoDissolve® / Lipotherapy injections are also minimally invasive, though slight discomfort may follow. The cosmetic procedures that will require time off are usually surgical procedures for the body. These include Cellulaze™ surgery for cellulite reduction, as well as Smartlipo Triplex™ and VASER® LipoSelection® liposuction surgeries. You will need a few days to recover from these surgeries and will need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks following your procedure.
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As soon as you speak with a Boston cosmetic surgery professional at our center, you will learn exactly why our services are the best choice in the Greater Boston area. Finesse has been accredited by the Joint Commission and has received the Gold Seal of Approval, which is a high honor. Our team has performed thousands of facial and body cosmetic procedures. No matter what procedure you are hoping to have done, we have the training and experience to achieve the results you’ve always dreamed of. Schedule your free initial consultation by calling us at (781) 899-SKIN or by completing our online evaluation form. We are Boston’s premier medical center for cosmetic procedures and liposuction, so contact our cosmetic surgery center today!

The amount of time it will take to perform your cosmetic procedure depends on which procedure you choose. When it comes to facial procedures, most treatments last only 15-30 minutes, or an hour at the most. Examples include BOTOX® Cosmetic, Juvederm®, and Radiesse treatments, as well as skin treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, SonoPeel™, FotoFacial RF™, and laser procedures. These procedures also allow you to return to work the same day, preventing you from having to miss work.

Training, Experience & Accreditation

Call the office of Finesse Cosmetic Surgery if you are looking for a skilled medical center in the Greater Boston area. Each medical professional on our team has received extensive training, credentials, and experience in each of the procedures we offer. Finesse clinicians have performed thousands of cosmetic procedures. Finesse has also been accredited by the Joint Commission and has received the Gold Seal of Approval.

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The friendly medical team at Finesse is ready to take your call and set up your complimentary evaluation. By speaking with a Boston cosmetic surgery professional about your concerns, you could learn exactly what options you have and have all of your questions answered so that you can make the best choice for you. Our team is dedicated to client comfort and satisfaction and will go out of its way to make you feel at ease. Learn more today by contacting us at (781) 899-SKIN.

Cosmetic Procedures in Boston

Every cosmetic procedure has its own recovery time, which can also be affected by each individual patient. At Finesse Cosmetic Laser & Lipo Center, we have decades of experience and perform procedures with exceptional skill, allowing our patients to recover as quickly as possible. For facial procedures such as BOTOX® injections, Juvederm, Radiesse®, Ultherapy, Affirm and ReFirme™, as well as skin treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, SonoPeel™, and laser acne treatment, patients are able to return to work and regular daily activities right away.

Recovery times are usually longest for body contouring treatments, particularly those involving surgery.Non-surgical treatments such as CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ™, VelaShape™, and LipoDissolve® have little to no recovery time, often allowing the patient to continue with their day. Surgical treatments, however, require at least a couple of days of recovery. These procedures include Cellulaze™ cellulite treatment surgery as well as liposuction procedures like Smartlipo Triplex™ and VASER® LipoSelection®.

Why choose Finesse?

Finesse Cosmetic Laser & Lipo Center is Boston’s premier medical center for body contouring, skin care and rejuvenation, and cosmetic laser surgery. Our team of professionals and Boston cosmetic surgeon is highly credentialed and has performed thousands of procedures. No matter what procedure you are looking to have done, we have the client care and medical experience to make it happen. Contact our office today to learn more!

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At Finesse, we offer a free initial consultation so that you can get the answers you need before making a decision. Our mission is to make each client feel welcome in our office and comfortable with their procedure. We also have a high level of client satisfaction, as shown on our testimonials page. Contact our office by today calling us at (781) 899-SKIN.

More About Finesse

Whether you are looking to rejuvenate your face by receiving BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments, Juvederm®, Restylane®, Belotero, or Radiesse® dermal fillers, or if you are thinking about treating your skin through laser treatment microdermabrasion or a chemical peel, we can help. We are also highly trained and trusted in both surgical and non-surgical body contouring procedures. Our non-surgical procedures include CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ™, and LipoDissolve®/ Lipotherapy. If you are considering liposuction, we have extensive experience and success in the Smartlipo Triplex™ and VASER® LipoSelection® procedures. Our medical center was also the first to offer the revolutionary new Cellulaze™ treatment for cellulite.

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Do not hesitate to contact Finesse and learn how we can help you reach your goals. Our friendly medical team will make you feel welcome and comfortable every time you walk through our doors. We also offer a complimentary consultation so that you can make an educated decision and have confidence in your choice. Contact us today at (781) 899-SKIN.