Three Reasons to Consider Eliminating Stretch Marks with Laser Treatments

Have your babies left you with shiny, white stretch marks on your abdomen, breasts, hips or thighs? Did the hopes of these marks fading pass as your children went into elementary school and beyond? As you well know, stretch marks do not go away completely on their own. While they may fade, they will always be there, reminding you of your pregnancies. No matter how much you may love your children, these marks are certainly not as well-loved. Because topical treatments do not give you amazing results or often any results at all, we encourage you to try our easy laser stretch mark treatments in Waltham.

Laser Removal is Safe and Non-Invasive

Lasers use safe energy to enhance your skin and underlying tissues. Our lasers will heat your skin without having to break your skin’s protective barrier. In fact, there will be no needles, incisions or anesthesia needed. Laser therapy is very precise and can be used to target the exact problem area virtually anywhere on your body.

Lasers Trigger Your Body’s Own Healing Mechanisms

Lasers do not just work on the surface of your skin. While they will gradually change the appearance of your skin, decreasing the appearance of stretch marks over the following weeks and months, they actually work mainly beneath the surface of the skin. The heat produced by lasers changes your skin cells, causing them to basically heal themselves. This creates newly beautiful and healthy cells. Additionally, lasers trigger the development of new collagen beneath the skin’s surface.

You Can Enjoy a Beautiful Body Again

Perhaps the best part of laser stretch mark therapy is that you will be able to feel great in your own skin again. When you feel beautiful, your confidence level will go up and you may feel better at social functions or work events.

Get in touch with us at Finesse Cosmetic Surgery for a complete consultation to determine if laser stretch mark therapy is the right choice for you. Contact us today to book your appointment at our office in Waltham, MA!