Get Smartlipo for a Speedy Recovery

In the past, if you wanted to remove inches from problem areas which weren’t responding to diet and exercise, you had to undergo standard liposuction. Now, you can get similar results with Smartlipo, a less invasive technique that shrinks fat. It makes for a speedier recovery. Its benefits extend beyond what traditional fat reduction techniques […]

Is Smartlipo the Procedure for You?

It’s a new year, and it seems like everyone you know is setting off on a quest for a better body. But what about you? Is this the time you follow through on that resolution to make yourself feel and look better in your own skin? Are you ready to enjoy the body that you […]

Is Smartlipo the Right Option for You?

For busy people with unwanted fat that diet and exercise do not help, a quicker, safer alternative to liposuction is available. Smartlipo uses heat to destroy fat cells. If you are looking for liposuction in Boston, check out the available options at Finesse Cosmetic Surgery in Waltham. The Smartlipo Procedure Smartlipo uses different laser wavelengths […]

Eliminate Stubborn Fat with Less Invasive SmartLipo

When a person finally makes the decision that they’re going to start to lose weight, the first thing they need to do is evaluate their diet. In theory, losing weight should be as simple as taking the amount of calories that you burn every single day and comparing them to the amount of calories you […]