Make Fine Lines and Wrinkles Disappear with Fractional Laser Treatments

If you’re experiencing brittle, dull skin that contains enlarged pores and is marked with fine wrinkles, laser resurfacing may be the ideal treatment. Today’s fractional laser treatments can effectively remove damaged cells while leaving healthy tissue unaffected. Fractional lasers emit pixilated beams of light energy, and the wavelength of the beam can be specially calibrated to target skin tissues with a specific density and tone. The treatment is simple, and just one or two treatments may be sufficient to rejuvenate the facial skin by smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles and also by stimulating new collagen production.

All About Fractional Lasers

Laser resurfacing has evolved quite rapidly over the past decade. Today’s devices can be calibrated more finely and are, therefore, suitable for use on just about every density and tone of skin. The advanced devices in use today can carefully affect a thin layer of skin and then proceed to affect the layer that lies beneath.

The idea is to remove some of the unhealthy skin tissue while leaving some of the surface epidermis intact. This allows the body to fill in the gaps during the healing process. The additional collagen that is produced over the following weeks and months means even better skin tone and skin suppleness.

A Simple, In-House Treatment

Treatment with the fractional laser can be performed in the comfort of our office. This procedure can improve the condition of the skin pores. Enlarged pores will become smaller after the treatment. The increase in collagen will eventually cause significant fading of crow’s feet, marionette lines and other unwanted skin issues.

Advantages of This Laser Treatment

This device can be specially calibrated to work regardless of the individual’s skin tone or skin thickness. The body heals itself naturally, so there’s no special follow-up routine for the client in most cases.

Get Smoother, Wrinkle-Free Skin

Fractional laser treatments are the next big thing in skin rejuvenation. Consult with our team at Finesse Cosmetic Surgery to learn more about how this treatment can take years off your appearance. Contact us today to book your appointment at our office in Waltham!