Laser Lipo via SmartLipo Triplex

SmartLipo is an FDA-approved liposuction procedure that harnesses the power of laser energy to make the fat reduction process more gentle than traditional liposuction. SmartLipo Triplex utilizes three strengths of laser beams to offer the most efficient and advantageous fat cell elimination. There are numerous benefits to SmartLipo laser lipo that make it a top choice among plastic surgeons and patients alike.

About SmartLipo

The SmartLipo process is a minimally-invasive method for removing stubborn fat from the body. A cannula, or thin tube, is inserted through a small incision. In regular liposuction procedures, the cannula itself is used to break up fat cells in preparation for suction removal. SmartLipo uses laser energy delivered through the cannula to prepare the fat to be removed.

With SmartLipo Triplex, three separate lasers with various frequencies are used for maximum effect. A 1064 nm laser is the first to be introduced to coagulate the blood vessels. This process leads to less bruising and bleeding than occurs through the use of a cannula. To heat the fat cells and tighten the skin, a second laser beam of 1320 nm is used. The third beam is at 1440 nm and is the beam that destroys the fat through mechanical and thermal energy. These ruptured fat cells can then be removed by suction through the cannula. Typically, only local anesthesia is required for this treatment.

Benefits of Laser Lipo via SmartLipo

SmartLipo’s process offers some advantages to traditional lipo. The use of lasers liquefies fat, making it easier to remove with far less bruising. The coagulation of blood that occurs through the laser process is also beneficial in minimizing bleeding. Recovery time is much easier and shorter for these reasons. Collagen and elastin, the building blocks of healthy skin, are stimulated through the user of lasers, allowing the skin to appear tighter and firmer. Not only does this provide a more pleasing body contour, but it also eliminates the potential need for the removal of excess skin that can often be a side effect of traditional liposuction. Finally, any part of the body that contains excess fat can be treated with SmartLipo, making this a very versatile fat loss treatment.

If you’ve wanted to rid yourself of stubborn fat without the need for invasive surgery, laser lipo via SmartLipo Triplex may be the solution for you. A consultation at Finesse Cosmetic Surgery in Waltham will provide you with the information you need regarding this convenient, effective procedure.

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