How Long Do Juvederm Results Last?

There are many reasons why patients opt for dermal fillers. While some would like to get rid of wrinkles and skin folds, others are interested in adding volume to their cheeks or lips. Here at Finesse Cosmetic Surgery in Waltham, MA, we offer several types of Juvederm injectables that can restore the youthful texture and plumpness in our patients’ faces.

Generally, dermal fillers don’t require any downtime, and they offer excellent results that last for many months at a time. But the frequency of treatment depends on several factors, including the type of formula used, your current skin texture, and your lifestyle habits. Today, we’ll discuss how long you can expect your results to last, how you can make sure your features stay fresh, and what to expect at your appointment.

How Long Can You Expect Juvederm Results To Last? 

This brand doesn’t just offer one treatment. Instead, there are several gels that allow providers to customize results. Although every filler we offer at the clinic is of the highest quality, they don’t all last equally long. You can expect the results from a standard treatment to fade after around six to twelve months.

The popular lip treatment Volbella can also last for around one year, but if you choose Voluma, you might not need to come back to the clinic for two years. This gel, which is meant to restore volume to your cheeks, is thicker than the other options and makes use of cross-link technology. Therefore, its molecules break down much more slowly.

Standard Treatment 

Ultra and Ultra Plus are the most established and well-known dermal fillers we use at the clinic. Time and again, they have provided amazing results for our clients. While Ultra is meant for people with fine to moderate lines and wrinkles, Ultra Plus is thicker and can therefore address more severe skin problems and produce more dramatic results.

When you come to the clinic for your assessment, we can let you know which option allows you to achieve your esthetic goals. Both Ultra and Ultra Plus tend to last for around six to twelve months, so you’ll need to see us for treatment once or twice a year. In the meantime, you can enjoy smooth and firm skin without having to worry about constant maintenance.


In recent years, several new injectables have emerged and been approved by the FDA, allowing practitioners around the country to produce more tailored results. Volbella is a fine gel that has been created specifically to increase the volume of the lips and address the fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. It is a great option for anyone who would like to concentrate on the lower half of the face.

Because this filler is newer, you can expect your results to last slightly longer. Most Volbella patients only come to see us once a year, especially if they keep their skin in good condition and stay out of direct sunlight.


When discussing the aging process, most people mention wrinkles, skin folds, or sagging skin. But there is another issue that can make you appear years older than you are: a loss of volume in the cheeks. One of the most innovative Juvederm treatments is called Voluma, and it was made specifically to treat people who have developed hollow cheeks and would like to regain a plumper and more youthful appearance.

Because this gel’s purpose is to add structure to your face, it is much thicker than the other options. What’s more, Voluma uses innovative cross-linking technology, which makes it break down much slower than other fillers. Most people who opt for this treatment don’t require another appointment in the 18-24 months after their first session.

How To Augment Your Results 

While the consistency of the gel we use affects your results, this isn’t the only factor. What you do in between your sessions also counts. In our experience, the patients who see the best results are those who maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, they stay out of direct sunlight to protect their face from damaging UV rays or, if that isn’t possible, they apply high-quality sunscreen.

Additionally, people who would like to prolong their results should always drink plenty of water and opt for a healthy diet that includes antioxidants, protein, and five or more pieces of fruit and vegetables per day. That way, they have a high chance of ingesting crucial vitamins and minerals that keep the body functioning well.

What To Expect at Your Appointment 

While dermal fillers can produce excellent results, this isn’t always the case. If you choose a provider who isn’t qualified, you might not achieve the desired look. Here at the clinic, we only work with highly experienced practitioners who can customize your injectables to your needs. Before allowing you to take part in treatment, they will ask you to come for an initial consultation, so they can discuss your esthetic concerns and your medical history.

At that time, you should explain why you would like to have injections, what other treatments you have tried in the past, and what your goals are. Then, your provider can come up with a treatment plan that addresses your specific concerns. They will let you know whether you need just one appointment or whether you could benefit from several sessions.

Your Session

Prior to your session, you should follow all your provider’s advice. For instance, you might need to stop taking blood-thinning supplements and medications. To minimize the risk of infection, wash your face before arriving and avoid putting on makeup. At the start of your session, your provider will numb your face and mark the injection sites. Because the gel already contains lidocaine, you shouldn’t feel any pain during your appointment.

Depending on the type of treatment you’ve chosen, you might receive 30-50 individual injections, each strategically placed for maximum effect. Once your practitioner is done, they will allow you to leave the clinic and resume your regular activities.

Recovering from Treatment 

Most people don’t need to rest after a Juvederm session, but if you’ve never had fillers before, you might want to avoid scheduling anything else after your appointment. That way, you can get used to the feeling of the gel under your skin. Within 24 hours, you can participate in almost all activities, but you should wait for several days before you do strenuous exercise, use a hot tub or sauna, or take a very hot shower.

Your provider might also ask you to avoid alcohol and caffeine for a day or two after treatment because it dries out your body. Since the active ingredient in the injectable is meant to hydrate your skin, the consumption of these substances could counteract the beneficial effects of your session.

Should I Get Dermal Fillers? 

Now you know more about dermal fillers, it’s time to decide whether this injectable is right for you. If you are worried about fine lines, wrinkles, skin folds, or a loss of volume in your face, you could benefit from injectables. Since this type of treatment is minimally invasive, almost everyone can take part. Your provider will go through your health history with you to make sure there are no complicating factors.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you will need to delay booking your appointment. Similarly, anyone undergoing treatment for a serious condition like cancer or a respiratory illness might not be eligible, and those with active infections in the treatment area should wait until they have recovered. The best way to find out more is to call your local clinic and speak to an expert.

Restore Your Youthful Glow with Dermal Fillers 

Dermal fillers are great for a wide variety of patients because they are minimally invasive, offer individualized results, and can last for many months or even years at a time. The duration of your results depends on which type of injectable you choose and how well you take care of your body in between your sessions. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, there’s no reason why you can’t experience plump, wrinkle-free skin for six to twenty-four months.

Another key advantage of Juvederm is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time at home after your session. Instead, you can go back to your regular activities almost instantly. Get in touch with us today at Finesse Cosmetic Surgery in Waltham, MA to book an initial consultation with one of our caring providers. We will be more than happy to help you find the best dermal filler for your skin.