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VelaShape III Can Help You Get Rid of That Pesky Cellulite!

No one likes to have cellulite, but getting rid of it can be difficult, if not impossible. Finally, there is an effective treatment now available in Boston to do just that! The VelaShape™ III laser treatment is FDA-approved and can be conducted in our office with little downtime. This technique effectively targets the most difficult problem areas, removing fat and cellulite to give your body a smooth and taut appearance. If you are ready to kiss that stubborn cellulite goodbye, come and see the team at Finesse Cosmetic Surgery.

Get Ready to Say Goodbye to Your Cellulite

This non-invasive treatment can improve the look of your problem areas with just a series of in-office sessions. The treatment combines the use of several modalities in order to break up the fat cells that are causing lumpy deposits that prevent you from enjoying the physique that you want. While diet and exercise are important, and you will need to continue them following your sessions, they are not very effective in eradicating cellulite. Wherever your problem areas may be, VelaShape™ III can likely help you realize the results you desire.

How Many Treatment Sessions Will I Need?

Everyone’s individual treatment plans will vary due to factors such as your current conditions and the level of results that you desire. You will begin to see results after the first few sessions, and it is also recommended that a touch-up session take place as needed in order to enjoy ongoing benefits.

Interested in learning more about how VelaShape™ III in Boston can give you the body that you have always wanted? Contact us today at Finesse Cosmetic Surgery in Waltham to schedule your consultation and get started.