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Treating Enlarged Pores with Microdermabrasion

Many people cover their skin imperfections with makeup. Some issues, such as large pores, are difficult to conceal with makeup. Fortunately, there’s a treatment that can help correct this stubborn aesthetic irregularity. We’re talking about microdermabrasion.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a gentle skin exfoliation treatment. The process eliminates bacteria, oil, dead skin, and other debris from the skin’s surface.

How Effective is It?

This treatment has been proven to be effective for treating large pores and other issues. As large amounts of bacteria and oil are eliminated from the skin, the skin is encouraged to heal as it is exfoliated. While healing itself, the skin produces collagen, giving the patient’s complexion a youthful glow. This leaves the individual’s skin in an overall healthier condition.

What are the Benefits?

One great advantage of microdermabrasion is that almost all skin types can go through the treatment. The entire process is non-invasive and does not require any harmful chemicals or surgery; the skin is simply exfoliated using specialized techniques. Also, no downtime is involved, so you can resume your regular activities immediately after the treatment.

Good Candidates 

Microdermabrasion is a perfect treatment for anyone who’s unhappy with an age-related skin problem and would like to have it treated in an effective and safe manner. In addition to the treatment of enlarged pores, issues such as age spots, minor scars, clogged pores, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, dull skin tone, and uneven skin texture can be addressed effectively with microdermabrasion. Most people who have undergone the treatment love its effects on their skin over time.

If you’d like to use microdermabrasion in Boston to treat enlarged pores or another skin issue, our experts at Finesse Cosmetic Surgery in Waltham can help. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation!