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Laser Hair Removal for Men is on the Increase

While it may be the case that many laser hair removal clients at Finesse Cosmetic Surgery are female, it’s a trend which is becoming increasingly popular among males too. There are lots of reasons why men are choosing to opt for laser hair removal for men – whether it’s for greater comfort during sports, cosmetic purposes or just for the convenience of not having to regularly shave, everybody is different.

Why Consider Laser Hair Removal?

The irritation caused by repeated waxing or shaving is completely unnecessary. Think about it – why put yourself through something you don’t enjoy when modern technology means you can avoid it altogether?

Laser hair removal offers long-lasting or permanent reduction in hair growth. Various skin types can be treated, and our friendly and discreet staff strives to make the occasion completely stress-free.

Does Laser Hair Treatment Work for Men?

Yes, it works incredibly well for men. Laser hair removal works equally well across various parts of the body and offers long-lasting results. Whether you have a couple of unwanted tufts of hair or want to remove hair from your entire chest, back or stomach, this treatment is the most efficient and effective way to do so.

No More Stubble or Painful Regrowth

Stubble can cause itchiness and irritation – not just for you, but for your partner, too. Shaving simply doesn’t last long enough, whereas laser hair removal is designed to be long-lasting. If you do experience regrowth after a while, it won’t be itchy or stubbly, and treatments can always be repeated as needed.

Understanding the Process

Laser hair removal for men is quite simple. Individual hair follicles are targeted with a laser. This laser damages the follicle without causing damage to the tissue surrounding the follicle. The end result is that hair is unable to regrow at the area of treatment.

How Many Treatments Does Laser Hair Removal Take?

To be effective, hairs must be targeted during their “growth” phase. Not all body hairs are in the growth phase at the same time, which is why multiple treatments are recommended.

Most Popular Laser Hair Removal Areas for Men

We may treat the following areas, among others:

• Chin
• Jawline
• Cheeks
• Face
• Back
• Upper arms
• Full body

If you’d like more information on how laser hair removal could be a worthwhile alternative to constant waxing/shaving, simply talk to our friendly team at Finesse Cosmetic Surgery in Waltham, MA. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.