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Fight Signs of Aging with Juvederm in Boston

If you’re not familiar with dermal fillers, you might be amazed at what they can do to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. The appearance of dynamic wrinkles and thin smile lines on the face certainly detract from your appearance, but you can fight these visual signs of aging with Juvederm Filler in the Boston area. This acid-based filler gel is used to fill in these lines by adding volume to the skin layers.

Juvederm® comes in several different varieties, each of which is specially formulated to treat specific types of wrinkles that occur on different areas of the skin surface. Some of the gels work best to minimize the appearance of small creases and folds near the nose, and others are formulated to cushion the skin layers near the eyes and mouth, effectively wiping away lines and wrinkles. We offer Juvederm® cosmetic treatments to individuals throughout the Boston area.

Hyaluronic Acid

Juvederm® contains hyaluronic acid particles suspended in a malleable gel. The acid is a polysaccharide, a form of sugar. We have this acid present in our bodies, but the amount decreases as we age. The acid attracts water and keeps the skin layers moist. So it acts as a sort of spongy cushion that keeps the surface smooth and taut.

Once injected, the acid immediately begins to attract water and hold it in place. The gel itself also helps add volume. The area where Juvederm® has injected plumps slightly, but we can control the amount of added volume by choosing the proper gel variety and administering the treatment in exact dosages.

A Simple Procedure

We examine the facial features closely during the consultation and design a customized treatment for each individual. The gel is skillfully injected using specialized techniques. The filler is eventually flushed from the body. No residue remains, so there’s no buildup of chemicals in the body. The treatments can be easily repeated at our office in Boston as needed for ongoing benefits.

Juvederm Treatment doesn’t treat the skin directly, so it’s suitable for use regardless of skin tone or skin thickness. Since the skin isn’t subjected to dermabrasion or ablation, there’s no risk of regional discoloration. There’s also no downtime after the treatment.

Get Smoother, More Youthful-Appearing Skin

If you live or work in and around Boston, you’re close to us at Finesse Cosmetic Surgery in Waltham. Contact us today to schedule a consultation about Juvederm®!