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Does CoolSculpting Really Freeze Fat Away?

Have you been struggling to get rid of stubborn body fat? If so, here at Finesse Cosmetic Laser and Lipo Center in Waltham, MA, we have the solution: CoolSculpting, which will help you freeze fat away for your body to eliminate naturally. This body-contouring treatment uses a scientific process developed by the best and the brightest minds at Harvard to target and freeze stubborn fat cells. As a result, you’ll have a tighter, more toned physique and be able to reach all your body aesthetic goals.

Does CoolSculpting Really Work To Freeze Fat Away?

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary body-contouring treatment that uses an innovative scientific process that’s called cryopolosis. Cryopolosis works by freezing fat cells. Once they’re frozen, it causes them to crystallize, upon which they are destroyed and eliminated by the body. Essentially, your body “views” these destroyed fat cells as waste that needs to be eliminated.

Over the course of a few months, your body will eliminate the destroyed fat cells naturally, causing the volume and amount of fat in the area to decrease. So not only does this treatment work to freeze fat away, but it offers real results that are not only noticeable but dramatic.

What’s the Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss?

If you’re considering undergoing this treatment, it’s essential that you understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss. Weight loss is something that occurs when you eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regularly. Once you start burning more calories than you’re eating, you’ll begin to lose weight, which is an entirely natural process. This process helps you become a thinner, smaller version of yourself at a slow and steady rate.

However, the one downside of undergoing weight loss is that it’s not very easy to target a problem area where you have stubborn body fat. For example, it’s possible to lose weight while still having areas of body fat that you find difficult to lose. Many people experience this phenomenon of exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet while still suffering from problem areas of body fat that are resistant to disappearing.

Permanent Fat Loss

Also, when you lose weight, your body simply shrinks the fat cells in your body–it doesn’t eliminate them. You’ll still have the same number of fat cells in your body; they’ll just be smaller. Fat loss targets the fat cells themselves, which cannot be regrown once they’re destroyed. When they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Why Is CoolSculpting Treatment So Effective?

There’s a reason this treatment is so effective: it starts a process in your body that will eliminate the fat cells from any problem area you may have. It can freeze fat, destroying the cells so your body eliminates and flushes them naturally. Essentially, it can do what long-term diet and exercise cannot.

It helps you target and spot-treat any problem areas so you can reach all of your body aesthetic goals in just a few months. You won’t ever have to be the subject of a crazy fad diet where you drink nothing but lemon juice with cayenne pepper for a week in a last-ditch effort to lose weight or spend hours in the gym anymore. Instead, you can continue to live your balanced, healthy lifestyle while enjoying the fact that you’ll see dramatic results from your treatment in just a few months.

What Is CoolSculpting?

This innovative body-contouring treatment uses extremely cold temperatures to freeze fat and essentially destroy the fat cells. The treatment device has different heads and cooling gel pads that are then placed on the targeted treatment area. The device works by freezing the fat cells, which causes them to crystallize and then die. Once the fat cells die, the body eliminates them as waste, causing your physique to look trim, toned, and tighter, so you can reach your body aesthetic goals.

Don’t get us wrong—this treatment isn’t a substitution for a healthy diet or regular gym visits, but a way to enhance your already healthy lifestyle. In fact, it’s the perfect treatment for people who already live a healthy, balanced lifestyle but still have specific areas of stubborn body fat that just won’t go away, even with regular exercise.

What Type of Results Can You Expect To See?

The results of CoolSculpting are quite dramatic—in fact, you can expect to see up to a 25% reduction in the total amount of fat volume in your specific treatment area. Since this is such a significant amount, you shouldn’t expect to see it all at once. However, once it does, you can enjoy a noticeable and dramatic improvement in your treatment area. Not only will your clothes fit better, but you’ll be able to lose inches and finally reach some of those body aesthetic goals you’ve been trying for years to attain.

What Areas On the Body Can It Treat?

This treatment can target and eliminate fat cells from many different areas of the body. However, the most common areas our patients treat include:

  • Double chin
  • Jawline fat
  • Beneath the buttocks
  • Upper arms
  • Bra fat
  • Flanks
  • Love handles
  • Back fat
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Abdomen


Get Faster Treatments with CoolSculpting

Here at Finesse Cosmetic Laser and Lipo Center, we’re the first ones in Waltham, MA, to offer CoolAdvantage, which is an innovative new device that can cut your treatment session time dramatically. In fact, with this new applicator, you can take advantage of much shorter session times, some for just 35 minutes. Our expert Dr. Kruy offers custom packages, including the transformation package, which targets the thighs and stomach, and the premium transformation package, which targets the upper and lower abdomen as well as the thighs.

Not only do we offer the CoolAdvantage, but we also have the MiniCool, which is perfect for reducing the appearance of a double chin or jawline fat. It fits snugly underneath the chin, effectively working to freeze fat and eliminate the fat cells for good. Not only that, but this treatment is entirely non-invasive: that means no incisions, no cuts, no surgery, no downtime whatsoever!

What Happens During a Treatment Session?

After your initial consultation, we’ll schedule you for your first treatment session, which will be performed by a CoolSculpt-Certified Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner. The treatment session itself is easy: just lie back on our comfortable treatment bench, and we’ll handle everything else.

We use a cooling gel pad, which will be placed on your targeted treatment area. You’ll feel an intense cooling sensation, which goes away after a few minutes. Most sessions take about an hour to complete, and you can do whatever you want during the treatment: read, go online, watch TV, or even just relax. Don’t worry—the treatment is entirely painless, so there’s no need for any type of anesthesia.

When Can You Expect To See Results?

Most of our patients find that they see results within three or four months of your first treatment session. Once your body starts to naturally eliminate the destroyed fat cells in your body, your results will become more and more noticeable. Some patients find that it takes a few weeks of their sessions, but it takes a bit longer for others. However, even if it does take a bit longer to see results, rest assured that they will happen. Every person is different, and therefore results will vary.

Why Does This Treatment Provide Such Great Results?

This treatment is able to provide such great results because it’s actually quite ingenious. It starts and takes advantage of a process that the body already uses. For example, your body already knows how to metabolize and then flush fat using your lymphatic system. However, if you support your lymphatic system after your treatment with a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, you can help your body eliminate and flush these fat cells far more efficiently.

How Many Treatment Sessions Will You Need?

The number of treatment sessions you’ll need depends on the treatment areas you’re targeting and your ultimate body aesthetic goals. Our experts will review your body goals and develop a customized treatment plan to help you achieve them. Depending on how many areas you want to target, you may need multiple treatment sessions. Like so many of our patients, we’re sure that you’re going to absolutely love the end result.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate?

The most suitable candidates for this treatment are healthy adults that are relatively fit and healthy people who want to target and treat stubborn body fat that just won’t go away, even with diet and exercise. However, your initial consultation will help us determine more about your body goals and if this treatment can help you attain them.

Find a Way To Reach Your Body Goals

Are you tired of seeing stubborn body fat that just won’t go away, even with diet or exercise? If so, then CoolSculpting could be the treatment you’re looking for. This revolutionary treatment will help freeze fat, so you can get the toned and trim physique you’ve always wanted. Contact us here at Finesse Cosmetic Laser and Lipo Center in Waltham, MA, today and schedule your first appointment to get started with your body aesthetic goals.