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3 Reasons Why SonoPeel Microdermabrasion is the Right Choice for Sensitive Skin

Finesse Cosmetic Surgery offers treatment options for patients looking to reveal smoother, more youthful-looking skin. Microdermabrasion in Boston is a great way to achieve this. Microdermabrasion is considered less intense than dermabrasion and is a better choice for people with sensitive skin. However, traditional microdermabrasion in Boston still may not be gentle enough for some patients. If you have sensitive skin and worry about microdermabrasion causing irritation, SonoPeel™ could be for you. Here are three reasons why SonoPeel™ is a great choice for patients with ultra-sensitive skin.

1) Hydrates While It Exfoliates

Hydration is the key to healthy-looking skin. One of the things that makes SonoPeel™ so unique is the use of water to exfoliate the skin. Many traditional microdermabrasion techniques use abrasive products to slough away layers of dead skin. Another common technique is using a suction tool to remove the top layers of the skin. While these treatments do work, they may not be right for people with sensitive skin or people who already have dry skin.

SonoPeel™ uses intense but gentle water pressure to remove the top layers of the skin. It exfoliates while adding moisture, leaving you with beautifully hydrated skin.

2) No Set Downtime

People that suffer from sensitive skin usually have longer recovery periods after any kind of intense facial treatment. Many choose not to have professional treatments done because of this very reason. This isn’t the case with SonoPeel™. Instead of spending days with redness and sensitivity, SonoPeel™ microdermabrasion in Boston allows you to leave our office with little to no irritation and immediate results. This is also great news for patients who are looking for a microdermabrasion treatment before a big event or celebration and don’t have much time to wait for redness to disappear.

3) Great Results

If you think that having sensitive skin means you can’t achieve the same level of results as everyone else, think again. Even though it is extremely gentle, SonoPeel™ is powerful and effective. This revolutionary treatment can improve many undesirable skin problems. You can enjoy immediate results after just one session, and the more often you receive treatments, the better your skin will look.

At Finesse Cosmetic Surgery in Waltham, MA, we love seeing our patients excited about their results. That’s why we offer SonoPeel™ for those battling with sensitive skin. If you are looking to reveal softer, brighter, and more youthful-looking skin, contact us today to book your consultation and get started!