Benefits of Smartlipo

Have you been wanting to get rid of fat in your abdomen (or love handles, thighs, arms, or other areas) and didn’t want to have the extended downtime that comes with traditional liposuction? Are you afraid of being put under general anesthesia or putting your body through a long painful recovery?

These are valid concerns, but with the advancements of the Smartlipo Triplex procedure there is less downtime, less trauma, and less recovery than with traditional liposuction. And the Smartlipo procedure is done under local anesthesia with oral sedation, not general anesthesia, which makes it a much safer procedure.

At Finesse Cosmetic Laser and Lipo Center, Dr. Kruy makes tiny incisions to infuse local tumescent anesthesia into the fat and then uses a laser to target and destroy the fat cells. After the fat cells are destroyed, they are removed with a thin cannula to contour and shape the body. Also, the laser is used to stimulate new collagen generation under the skin, which leads to tighter and smoother skin. Typically patients are back to work after two days, back to working out after two weeks, and looking great in no time!

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