Are you a current or future regular for revitalizing your image? Your loyalty pays off with ALLE! ALLE cosmetic is a special rewards program that aims to help you save on a wide variety of cosmetic enhancement treatments from Allergan. What can be better than saving while achieving your aesthetic goals?

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Frequently Asked Questions for Allē Rwards

ALLE cosmetic is a unique rewards program for anyone who chooses Allergan’s revolutionary cosmetic treatments or products. Members can simply earn points for each participating Allergan treatment and product purchased. For every 100 points you earn, you receive $10 off your upcoming treatments with participating Allergan aesthetics. These points translate into real money saved on future appointments. It’s that easy!

  • 100 points save $10
  • 200 points save $20
  • 300 points save $30
  • 400 points save $40
  • 500 points save $50
  • 600 points save $60
  • 700 points save $70
  • 800 points save $80
  • 900 points save $90
  • 1000 points save $100

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  • BOTOX®
  • CoolSculpting®

Yes, there are three special levels of the ALLE membership program with more benefits and opportunities to save with each greater tier! These ALLE membership levels include:

  • Silver, which you will be enrolled in once you are signed up! Silver members receive discounts on participating products along with a free gift on your membership anniversary.
  • Gold, which members can achieve once they earn 600 ALLE points. Gold Members receive the benefits of the Silver tier along with the ability to earn 50 points on each of their participating Allergan treatments.
  • Diamond, which members can achieve after earning 1200 ALLE points. Diamond members receive all Silver tier benefits along with points that won’t expire as long as your membership status is maintained.

If you would like to become a member of the rewarding ALLE program, click here or ask a member of our team on how you can join!